Daily Search Forum Recap: December 29, 2009

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google AdWords Images With Girls in Thongs Allowed?
    I was searching for a logo of a company, I searched Google Images for [compucall logo] and I was presented with an AdWords ad, but one of those product image ads. Google began allowing these ads a few months back, they are called product image ads in AdWords. But what stood out was that this image was of a woman in thong underwear. Here is a picture: I wonder what type of click through rate
  • Google Movie Search Returns Weird 9-11 Message
    A search in Google for [movie: nine nyc] directs you to a Google Movie results page. It shows you the typical movie theaters in that area and movie times, as you would expect. However, it also shows "Showtimes for September 11 attacks" in the blue bar under the search box. That, to me, is incredibly weird. Here is a picture: Also, others are reporting a search in Google for [movie: nine ny] directs you to
  • How to Find a Google Advertising Professional with Google
    Five years after launching the Google Advertising Professional program, Google is giving users a way to search and find these professionals. Tim Cohn first spotted this, a new page Google launched named Google Advertising Professionals Search beta. You can basically plug in some variables, such as monthly spend, location and type of AdWords related help you are looking for and hit search. Here is a screen capture: I covered this yesterday at Search Engine Land
  • Google Blogger & Webmaster Tools Verification Bug
    A Google Webmaster Help thread, written in Italian, has confirmed reports of a bug between Google's Blogger and Google Webmaster Tools. Dennis G. from the Google Webmaster Team, who is specifically involved in the verification process, wrote in a Google Webmaster Help thread:" It looks like we have a bug in our blogger integration. I'll go fix that. In the meanwhile, try verifying by meta tag instead. It seems like he is the man that
  • Google Uses ccTLD Over Server Location for Localizing Search Results
    Whenever an SEO talks about geo-targeting your site to a specific region, so it ranks well on that localized version of Google they tell you to do a few things. (1) Host in the country you want to rank well for (2) Try to use a ccTLD for that country, i.e. domain.co.uk for UK (3) Set the geographic target in Google Webmaster Tools However, instead of using a ccTLD, I often see sites deploy a
  • Hate Fox on Google News? Join the Google Club
    Everyone talks about how liberal Google is and how it may bias their objectivity in the search results and their other agendas. But every day, I check the Google News Forum and see complaints from "liberals" that Google News shows Fox News, a very conservative news source, in the Google News search results and home page. The more I see the complaints, the more I see that Google is not politically bias in their search

Other Great Search Forum Threads:

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