Google Takes Google Money Scams To Court

Dec 8, 2009 • 9:41 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

Google has announced they are now legally going after those companies who have been scamming unsuspecting people since March of this year. We first wrote about the Google Money Scams in March, then in June the scams got worse. In July, Google warned the public about these scams but still many fell for it. Some scammers took to the phone to scam more and more people. They even began banning scammers from AdWords in July and continued that bans throughout. In fact, they recently stepped up the bans and made them permanent, even this month there was a big ban event.

Google said they filed suit against Pacific WebWorks (here is PDF of complaint). Google said, "To fight back, we're working to stop various fraudulent "Google Money" schemes, and this week filed suit against Pacific WebWorks and several other unnamed defendants."

It is sad to see it got this bad where this had to happen, but I am glad Google is taking serious action.

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12/08/2009 08:03 pm

Finally! There are many of us in the AdWords forums that encounter people on a daily basis who have fallen to these scams. It's good to see that Google is sticking the hammer to them!


01/05/2010 02:37 am

Thanks for going to bat Google, I to was SCAMMED by thinking it was was a Google sponsored "work at home kit". I hope give to these guys good in the court room!

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