AdSense Pirates: Being Extorted Via Google AdSense

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Seems like there is a new pirate in town, an AdSense Pirate. A WebmasterWorld thread reports one AdSense publisher being extorted by someone online, making them share half their AdSense income with them or else they would force them to be banned on Google AdSense.

The publisher said:

For the last several days I've been seeing 10x my normal revenue due to someone generating 1000's of clicks on ads on my search channel. I notified the AdSense team immediately through the contact us (a pain in itself). Today I received an extortion letter indicating they'd stop if I pay them half the money. Otherwise they'd continue and get my account banned. What is the suggested way to contact and work with Google on this so that I don't get my account banned?

What is happening is that this 'pirate' is sabotaging this publishers AdSense ads, by making it look like click fraud is rampant on his ads. Google may or may not ultimately ban the publisher due to the invalid clicks, which would leave the publisher out of business.

No one is laughing this off, they are all suggesting that this publisher take measures. What measures?

  • Take down the channel being abused
  • Gather search logs and analytics
  • Ensure only sites you own can run your ads
  • Block the IPs that are doing the damage
  • Report the issue to your host
  • Send all these details in order to Google

I hope this issue doesn't become wide spread. I have heard of reports of this in the past, but nothing this serious.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

12/08/2009 04:19 pm

I did Buzz this up but then with after thought am wondering why you could not figure out who the blackmailer is by just looking at his Adsense pub- ID number? They would have to provide that information to get half of the money, seems.

No Name

12/09/2009 05:21 am

I just saw about this today. Quite interesting and quite shocking. I'm thinking that if they have some kind of stats tracker on their site they could pinpoint the blackmailer / extortionist. I have had something similar (but not as big as THIS) on my own sites but I sent the info to Adsense and fortunately for me they did not ban my account!


12/12/2009 12:19 am

It more than likely is one of the adsense publishers who was recently banned who opened up another account and is sending traffic to a legit site than extorting the person who runs the legit site.

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