Adult Escort Business Owner Looking for Fair Shot in Google?

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We have reported a few times how Google Maps is being abused by seductive images and local results. What I found incredibly interesting was a thread at Google Maps Help where a Googler called out one person for spamming Google Maps and then reporting it.

Joel from Google asked:

V London & Jack London - you are both with the same domain: which is a source of this spam. What are you trying to achieve by reporting threads like this here?

I have seen many weird things in forums, but this is up there.

This person goes on to complain about the London Escort listings being at the top of the Google search results. I suspect his main business listing was removed or does not rank well for that search. The others keep coming in with new listings each day, in an effort to out spam Google's spam detection tools.

I don't fully get why he would come in and complain, especially in such a category - but what do I know.

Forum discussion at two Google Maps Help threads.

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No Name

11/30/2009 08:32 pm

That person is me! I am trying to prove to google, that results are unfair! maps are real nice when the pages that are on organic appear in the maps! but are unfair when shoe just spam! and google just talks about spam! and then the results are just spam, and you see small ilegal business taking your clients! so google its promoting ilegal business showing this ramdom listings! I love all google ideias, but the google maps look more a microsoft product than a google one!

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