85% Required to Pass Google AdWords Professional Exam

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Google AdWords Professional LogoA Google AdWords Help thread asks what do you need to score in order to pass the Google AdWords Professional exam?

There are two exams:

(1) Google Advertising Professionals Exam (2) Fundamentals and Search Exam

The first one, the Google Advertising Professionals exam needs an 85% score to pass. Whereas the second one, the Fundamentals and Search exam needs an 80% to pass.

AdWordsPro Sarah explained in the thread:

I checked with the people in charge of the Google Advertising Professionals Exam and it looks as if the passing score for the Fundamentals and Search exams are 85% and 80% respectively.

She then added that Google will adding more practice quizzes about the April or May time.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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11/25/2009 05:46 pm

I'm not sure this is correct. The team at our agency all passed the Google Advertising Professional Exam and the results noted the minimum passing score is 75%

diarmuid ryan

11/26/2009 11:50 am

we are currently in the prcoess of undergoing these exams, it would be nice to know what to aim for

Marcel Heinkens

11/28/2009 11:01 am

I just took the Google Advertising Professional Exam (and passed :-), the minimum passing score is 75%


12/16/2009 09:50 pm

Sorry, but you are wrong: The pass score for new 2010 GAP Exams which can be already taken by several companies (including ours) is 85% for Fundamental and 85% for Advanced Search Part. My first attempt 10 days ago was 83% and I FAILED and yesterday I passed Fundamental part with 93%.


12/16/2009 10:25 pm

nope. It is 85% for new GAP 2010 Fundamental and 80 for Advanced parts. 120 questions - 120 minutes. had my 1st attempt 10 days ago with 83% - FAILED. Yesterday had 94% - passed.


02/03/2010 09:01 pm

i just took it earlier and got an 81 thinking a 75 was passing. were the questions similar the second time around?

No Name

07/08/2010 07:52 pm

85% for Fundamental and 80% for Search Advance.

Jerold Hawkins

07/16/2010 12:55 pm

85% to pass the google adwords fundamental exam 80% to pass the advanced search advertising exam both or one of the other advanced exams are required to officially become google adwords qualified. definately worth it!


10/31/2010 09:48 pm

Woah. the advanced search exam was a beast. lots of tricky questions there. used ALL of my time on that one. Passed them both, though. phew.....

No Name

10/31/2010 10:37 pm

Yep. 85% Fundamentals and 80% Advanced. I just got 80% in the Search advanced exam and that was a pass. I'm thankful it is 80% too because there were a bunch of questions about Adwords API and I never use the API.

Courtenay Probert

08/16/2012 12:10 pm

The latest scores for passing the Google exams can be found at: http://support.google.com/adwords/certification/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=167880 I had to look them up today for the Adwords exam simulator we're building at http://www.ipassexam.com :)

Dario Petkovic

02/20/2013 03:00 am

I got 82% out of the 85% minimum passing score for fundamental exam - bugger! 2 hours for 96 questions and some questions were very tricky in my opinion


05/30/2013 01:48 pm

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