Google Jazz User Interface Out In The Wild

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Yesterday, Danny covered a new user interface Google is testing on about 2% of their users right now. The interface is known internally (actually, it is not named this internally, but the name is catchy, so maybe we should use it?) as the Jazz UI and is much more colorful, has streamlined search options and kind of looks like the the old Ask 3D interface, just a bit. This new UI might be launched after the holiday season to everyone, so be ready.

Danny wrote (but read the all the details, if you will):

Sometime later today, a small number of Google users will see a new look to Google’s Search Options feature. If all goes well, the cleaner display may be launched across Google after the New Year. And it’s all because Google’s vice president of search product and user experience Marissa Mayer doesn’t like jazz.

There are some people who actually see the new interface. There are two thread at Google Web Search Help, one with screen captures, which prove to me they see it. Here are those screen captures:

Google Jazz UI

Google Jazz UI

This person simply asked, "can anyone help me get Google's regular look back?" The other comment reads:

I did a search a couple minutes ago and it seems like they changed their user interface to look more like a Bing or Yahoo search. For me this is a major fail because the beauty of Google was not only did it feel comfortable, it gave me a wide variety of options like the site links at the side of the page and the sposored links at the top of my search. I think Google should remain the way it was, maybe some minor tweaks but making it look sterile and utterly boring like Bing won't win fans. No other search engine has ever managed to knock Google off the top, so why are they downgrading to a less popular model?

Can't make everyone happy, now can you?

Forum discussion at Sphinn and Google Web Search Help.

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11/20/2009 02:40 pm

I like the design but agree that the blue search button may take some getting used to... Im wondering how they will handle the localised suggestions in the "modes" as if this is done correctly it can add some real value but if you are based in Australia and search for Pizza I would hope not to see In N Out Burger, but Pizza Capers.


11/20/2009 03:56 pm

With every change in UI design there is much complaining. Lets see how it really turns out. But the colorful blue for the search button and the used "mode" is probably a little to much. At least at the first sight.


11/20/2009 09:30 pm

I actually like this new look. Adds more color and it's not too much


11/23/2009 12:42 pm

Not a big fan of that design... The blue bits draw the eyes attention - and they arent bits that attention needs to be drawn to. In doing so they distract focus away from content, and Google's ads! I cant see this working. Poor use of colour IMO.


11/23/2009 04:04 pm

The new layout looks like Bing....


11/29/2009 03:04 pm

Wow.. google is coping microsoft's bing.. now i know for sure.. the world will ertaqinly end by 2012. :P


12/20/2009 07:18 pm

google should allow the user to switch and test to the new user interface - I somehow managed on one machine and would never go back. Google: let the user decide.


07/14/2010 06:15 am

Might as well just use Bing if Google is going to go the way of the "ugly and undesirable". I do not like the new layout, seems like a muted response. It is terrible, if it ends up the "norm" I will switch search engines, very simple.

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