Google Maps Satellite Images Being Posterized?

Nov 19, 2009 • 9:02 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

A Google Maps Help thread reports that at least one satellite image in South Africa has a weird posterization effect to it.

You can see it yourself at 33°55'7.79"S, 25°35'2.40"E, or Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Here is a picture:

Google Maps Image Weird

This looks like a heavily posterized image to me, but I doubt that was the case. There must have been some type of interference when the image was captured?

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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11/20/2009 01:47 pm

Well... I'm amazed that they've managed to Map as much of South Africa as they have! Not that long ago, Google Maps was something that we simply didn't have. If you have a look at the map the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is complete. While one of the first to reach completion in South Africa for the upcoming World Cup (I've got my tickets, do you have yours?) it would suggest that these images are fairly recent additions. Possible interference. But could this also be as a result of image blending or other form of editing? Interesting discovery none the less.

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