Fake Google Matt Cutts Ban List Referrers?

Nov 9, 2009 • 8:56 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

What appears to be a newbie, posted a thread at Google Webmaster Help asking why his site is not ranking yet. He also asked if he had something to do with the URL https://internal.google.com/spamteam/users/cutts/matt/ban_list/ showing up in his log files.

Got that?


It appears to look like Matt Cutts' personal ban list at Google. But is it really?

(1) His site is indexed in Google.

(2) Why in the world would Google show those types of referrers in people's log files, especially those sites that are banned.

(3) The IP addresses noted by the webmaster did not seem to be from Google.

(4) Googler, JohnMu, said it is not Matt's ban list. JohnMu went on record, and I trust him, saying:

I can assure you that the URL in the title of the thread is not a Google URL -- where did you get it from?

Do you think the URL is real?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Pablo Ameida

11/09/2009 02:26 pm

I believe this is wrong, but not 100%. Google has many secrets. Moreover, if the newbie to be punished, it would be wise in Webmaster Central.


11/09/2009 03:47 pm

Hahaha! Very funny. Whoever spoofed that referrer has an exquisite sense of humour! :)

Michael Martinez

11/09/2009 04:36 pm

Don't know what to think of the Google URL you're discussing, Barry, but the poor guy left "noindex" in at least some of his robots meta tags after turning the site on.

Barry Schwartz

11/09/2009 04:45 pm

Yea, I know.


11/09/2009 11:56 pm

i think https does not send referrers


11/10/2009 10:31 am

It's too weird to be true. Why on earth would Matt Cutts deal with some minor new website that's probably already self-blocked itself using meta tags? I would hope Google are paying him to do better things with his time...

Matt Cutts

11/10/2009 04:10 pm

Fake. Someone's playing with this person, but it's definitely not me.

Harsh Agrawal

11/19/2009 03:46 am

This URl structure looks so real .. though I wont believe this..

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