Google Shares Their Online Reputation Management Advice

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The Google Blog and Webmaster Central blog posted a blog post named Managing your reputation through search results. In this blog post, Susan from Google explains tips on how to manage your reputation online.

Basic advice from "think twice before putting your personal information online." To tips on how to contact the source of the content you want removed. If that doesn't work, Susan explains that you can try to create new pages that might outrank the negative pages in the search results. All of these tips are at the core of online reputation management.

What I found funny, maybe on a more personal level, was that every online reputation management company came out and piggy-backed off this Google blog post. Just scan some of the posts in the Google Web Search Help thread and see some of the blog posts referencing Google's post.

Anyway, if you have a reputation management issue and you cannot buy your way out of it, then you likely want to read some of those tips and join the thread.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Andy M.

10/19/2009 02:22 pm

If you have kids or influence youth in any way, this is an important note to pass on to them. Things that they post when they're 13 or 14 may come back to haunt them when they're in their mid-20's. It doesn't take much to connect the dots if folks aren't careful about what they post online.

Rahman Mehraby

10/19/2009 06:37 pm

I think the best practice will be to prevent reputation damage by some preemptive online measures instead of trying to eliminate the negative buzz against you. Of course, it might be inevitable to face cases where your reputation is at stake and something unexpected happens to you. Then, Google's post could help somewhat, but it's only in the world of search engines, not social media. That's something that requires different approach to outweigh your negative side by the positive aspects.

Jim Edwards

10/20/2009 12:56 pm

I thought Google's advice was pretty lame. It takes 30 minutes for someone to post a false or libelous comment of Rippoff Report and it hit the first page. It takes months and loads of links to get a Google profile to appear in search results. They can do better than that.


12/11/2009 05:54 pm

I agree with Jim, Google can definitely do better than that. Google wasn’t giving their advice, they were merely stating the obvious. Someone mentioned having to generate links, well, you don’t really have to generate them yourself. Unless if you want to. But the negative links can be managed faster if you use companies that use SEO such as CLEANmy.NAME.


09/27/2010 12:41 pm

There are lots of good online reputation companies about. The key is value for money. I found ClydeStan most helpful in their approach and costing structure. They specialize mainly in celebrity reputation but I am sure they take on other clients, too. It seems they have connections behind the scenes where actual links and posts are being deleted and not only pushed down in search engines. I have used them twice now and the results are just fine. No problems, would recommend anytime.


03/03/2011 02:01 am

I'd like something more solid from big G. I agree with Jim & Marie. Average person can run into online reputation management issue a lot faster than it takes to fix it. Google CEO once jokingly said, that it maybe a good idea if people were allowed to change their name in their lives at least once, so they can start fresh and get name removed from Google.

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