Microsoft's Bing Hiding Search Results For Perez Hilton

Oct 14, 2009 • 8:20 am | comments (9) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

Michael Gray noticed that a search for [Perez Hilton] in Microsoft's search engine, Bing, returns a set of pictures and a single search result ( Here is a screen shot:

Bing Perez Hilton

The question is why is Bing hiding everything else? They show tons of results for [Paris Hilton] and other 'celebrities,' why not Perez?

Stefan Weitz from the Bing team commented on Michael's blog saying it is by design. He said:

Yes – that is by design. However, if you click on the “see other results containing Perez Hilton” the rest of the algo web results appear. We carefully monitor these “Best Match” results to make sure we aren’t firing this result type too frequently – let us know if you have feedback!

Yes, you can click on the Search for other results containing Perez Hilton to bring up standard web results. But why show only the "best match" when there are plenty of other great matches?

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Vanessa Fox

10/14/2009 01:00 pm

Yeah, but they do this for all kinds of other "best matches" when they are fairly confident of what you are looking for. They are classifying [perez hilton] has a navigational search (to a brand) not as a people search. See, for instance, searches for: -Google -UPS -Yahoo -CNN -CBS news

Barry Schwartz

10/14/2009 01:04 pm

But he is a person. :) I guess I wasn't clear on that part of the confusion.

Vanessa Fox

10/14/2009 01:08 pm

Yeah, he's a person, but he decided to build a brand out of his name. His company is ALSO called "Perez Hilton". Had he called it "the Perez Hilton Blog" or "Perez Hilton's Gossipland" instead, this likely wouldn't be happening.


10/14/2009 02:18 pm

who cares? do people really care to know more about a nobody? he's not a celebrity. he just talks a lot of smack. so do i. i guess i need to be on bing too! SO UNFAIR. puh lease.


10/14/2009 02:49 pm

It's called data mining. Welcome to technology and meta data. Nothing to hate. It's a program without feelings or better judgment. Presumably, the world is against you only merit one result.


10/14/2009 03:26 pm

Eh, I like Google better. What does Perez use, Ubuntu? I've been wanting to try that, just haven't gotten to it. Google filters Paris Hilton out, that's something. But not as much as Bing. I feel bad for celebs, though. I mean like Miley and stuff. Perez, Perez, why is it so hard to hate you?


10/14/2009 03:27 pm



10/14/2009 07:12 pm

On the bright side, search "Perez" on bing and his site is the only link. Microsoft is micromanaging their results w/ brute force programming, not scalable algorithms like Google. @sopphey Nice lingo, but this was done by hand. Try Ed Hardy, louis vuitton or tucker max. @Googleit, Ubuntu? Nah, he has a black mac laptop probably running OS X.

Stefan Weitz

10/15/2009 12:07 am

Just to add a little more clarity to my earlier comment - these "Best Match" results fire when we notice the number of queries for a particular word or phrase terminate at a particular page. In other words, if we notice a vast majority of queries for "ups" end up clicking on the site, we will fire this super answer.

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