Columbus Day Theme by Bing, Not Google, Yahoo, or AOL

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Today is Columbus Day, and the only search engine to have a special logo or theme up today is Microsoft's Bing. Here is a picture of Bing today, with one "hot spot" highlighted:

Bing Columbus Day Theme

Pretty neat theme, background and hot spots. We also, at the Search Engine Roundtable, have a Columbus sailed the ocean blue theme. Here is a picture:

Search Engine Roundtable Columbus Day Theme

We don't have logos from the other major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or AOL - but that is not surprising. In fact, last year, Google had a Paddington Bear Doodle on Columbus day.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

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10/12/2009 03:48 pm

Perhaps the other engines have decided not to celebrate "Native American genocide" such as forced sterilization and germ warfare.

Barry Schwartz

10/12/2009 04:21 pm



10/12/2009 04:43 pm

Possibly they should call it "Beginning of the end for Native Americans day"


10/12/2009 04:46 pm

Acknowledging history is preferable to ignoring it. The Wikipedia article Bing links to discusses both the significance of the day as well as the reasons we're opposed to it.


10/13/2009 09:25 am

Interesting...I once worked for a company called the Magellan Group and we did try and launch a website named Columbus DT for the American market but it never really took off...


10/10/2011 04:54 pm

Google and their lefty leanings, I guess some 'discrimination' is OK,...if 'politically correct. HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!


10/10/2011 05:27 pm

Possibly you would be sitting in a dirt hut eating a lizard right now, instead of tapping the keys of your laptop.  Rob, maybe you should thank God that Columbus did come here and pave the way for the greatest society that the planet has ever seen.


10/11/2011 05:49 am

What does that mean????


10/11/2011 05:50 am

How can discrimination be politically correct?

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