Bing Webmaster Tools Bug Won't Allow Adding Sites

Sep 18, 2009 • 5:19 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

If you go to the Bing Webmaster Tools and login, then try to "add a site" to the list of sites you have rights to manage, you will get a page cannot be displayed type of page.

Here is a picture of the error I am seeing, as well as many other webmasters:

Bing Webmaster Tools Bug

There are dozens of threads on this issue at the Bing Forums and will likely be dozens more soon. There is also a thread at WebmasterWorld with complaints.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and hope to get it resolved soon. I hope it is resolved by the time this post goes live, which is about 20 hours after the first report of it.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Bing Forums.

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matt mernagh

09/18/2009 09:29 am

hehehe that's terrible. just a small over site. please stand by.

Jonathan Alderson

09/18/2009 02:07 pm

I'm glad it's not just me - spent half an hour yesterday fighting with browser sessions thinking I was going crazy.

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