Bing Springs To 10% Market Share, Takes From Yahoo

Sep 18, 2009 • 5:14 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

I guess those Bing commercials are indeed working. CNet reports on a Neilson ratings survey that claims Microsoft's Bing search engine has captured 10% share.

Here is the break down:

Table 1: Top 10 Search Providers for August 2009, Ranked by Searches (U.S.)



M-O-M %

Share of

Total 10,812,734 2.9% 100.0%
Google Search 6,986,580 2.6% 64.6%
Yahoo! Search 1,726,060 -4.2% 16.0%
MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search 1,156,415 22.1% 10.7%
AOL Search 333,231 1.8% 3.1% Search 186,270 2.9% 1.7%
My Web Search 128,432 0.5% 1.2%
Comcast Search 50,328 -21.6% 0.5%
Yellow Pages Search 37,923 2.7% 0.4%
NexTag Search 31,830 0.4% 0.3% Search 16,314 2.9% 0.2%

Notice Yahoo dropped 4.2 percent from the previous month, but keep in mind, looking at month-to-month numbers is dangerous in this space.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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No Name

09/18/2009 01:31 pm

When their ads kick in, I expect their reach will rise to 30%+

Michael Martinez

09/18/2009 05:13 pm

These numbers just mean people are spending more time on Bing, generating more page views. These metrics have no relevance to what is going on in the organic search market. You might as well be celebrating the numbers CNN and get for page views. They have just as much to do with "search market share" as the nonsense Compete, comScore, Hitwise, and Nielsen are measuring.

No Name

09/19/2009 02:17 pm

I think the numberd will even go up, MSFT maybe way behind but slowly the gap between Google and MSFT will shrink.

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