Google, How Are "Business Web Design" & "Semi Repair" Related Keywords?

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Let's file this under weird or unexpected search results from Google. A search for business website design] returns one of those middle of the page Google refinements. The weird part is what Google returns as a refinement for that search. Google returns the keyword, [semi repair]. What does semi repair have to do with business website design?

Here is a picture of the page:

Google Refinement Weirdness

Why is this the case? No one really knows, but Googler JohnMu did comment in a joking fashion saying:

As I mentioned, these suggestions are generated automatically. I wonder what that tells us ... hmm :-) Someone should be out there making DIY truck repair sites!

Maybe, just maybe.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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09/16/2009 06:12 pm

:) automation can some times lead to such kind of suggestions


09/17/2009 05:16 am

While I understand that automation could lead to errors like these, I was quite surprised to find that search results for some keywords are also skewed. While I typed in ERP solutions, a prominent spa and salon seems to come in third! How are they even related?


09/17/2009 06:03 am

Hey i am not able fine Spa and salon listings on SERP for ERP solutions :) can you please post screen shot or email me..


11/18/2009 11:09 pm

I did precisely the same search and was amazed to discover that "semi repair" had been suggested as an alternative query. How absurd.

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