SEO Show Offs: Poll Results

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seo show off pollA few weeks ago, we ran a poll asking if you should flaunt your search engine rankings? We have about 150 responses in now, so I thought I share with you how SEOs like to show off their success.

Question: Should You Show Off Your Success With Search Rankings?

:: Depends On Business said 50 respondents or 34% :: Yes, But Privately said 48 respondents or 32% :: Never said 33 respondents or 22% :: Yes, Publicly said 18 respondents or 12%

Pretty nice level of disagreement between the SEO industry, don't you think?

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Nathan Williams

09/14/2009 08:01 pm

Great poll!!! It's definitely not wise to overly guarantee and flaunt rankings. I think it would be a sign of someone trying to make a quick buck

'Big' Bill Kruse

09/15/2009 09:03 am

Depends on the rankings really. Depends too on whom you're trying to impress and what with. BB

Don Makoviney

09/17/2009 12:26 pm

When I meet with a client I have no problem showing them how I got a website's desired search term to the top of Google SERPS. I won't brag and blog about it though. Usually just attracts undue attention, whether it's competitors or people looking to exploit the same tactics on a grand scale that could end up getting noticed by Google engineers.

No Name

05/05/2010 03:58 am

I think that it depends on your business type for sure. I am an internet marketing comapny and in my industry it is absoultely essential.

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