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On occasion I share SEO tips on optimizing for Google News search results. Yesterday, Google's Maile Ohye posted a blog entry at the Google Webmaster Central blog on how to optimize for Google News results in both Google News and Google Web Universal Search. The video is definitely worth watching if you are a Google News publisher or an SEO for sites included in Google News.

Here is the video:

I personally love the advice on getting images to show in Google News. She really expanded on that more than what I have seen in the past.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google News Help.

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09/02/2009 03:59 pm

so if you want to have a chance of outranking the original source... DON'T cite them and hope that people cite you as the original source?

Barry Schwartz

09/02/2009 04:19 pm

Simon, I guess so, but then hopefully the others would be clustered under you. If you have 100 sites citing site A and you get no citations for the same news, then guess what happens?

Michael Martinez

09/02/2009 06:05 pm

Google! More like that!

Jessica Griffin

09/03/2009 10:29 am

Getting images to show on Google news is sure to grab some eyeballs, but will it really help you out in terms of search engine rankings?

kinza kanwal

12/04/2009 11:37 am

good knowledge thanks


03/12/2010 07:57 pm

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07/15/2011 01:37 pm

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