Google Video Porn in Universal Results For Famous Indian Actress, Rambha

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Yesterday, I spotted a post in the Google Web Search Help threads from an individual who claims to be representing Rambha, a famous Indian actress. This person is looking for Google to remove a video from the Google search results that depicts Rambha as having sexual relations.

Currently, a search for rambha returns video results in the middle of the page. This is Google Universal Search in action, one of those videos shows a woman depicted to be Rambha as having relations with a man. It is hosted on Google Video, displayed on Google web results.

Google Video Porn For Indian Actress

I reported the video, as did this person, over 24 hours ago. I was hoping it would be removed from the search results. Not because it shows Rambha in a bad light, but because it is adult content and my adult filter (SafeSearch) is set to moderate.

I am sure there are plenty of videos reported to Google every day, but videos that end up on the search results page for a search term that receives hundreds of thousands of searches per month - must have a way of being moved to the front of the line. If not, a blog post about it over here, tends to speed things along.

We do report on Google porn issues from time to time, when the details are public in a thread.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Michael Martinez

08/20/2009 05:08 pm

I have noticed porn videos in other celebrity name spaces. When I looked closer to see what was happening, it turned out the videos were being mislabeled with celebrity names and keywords. I did not check the backlink profiles of the videos but I would not be surprised to find links with the celebrity names in the anchor text.


08/20/2009 11:27 pm

Rusty, looks like they removed the video but the thumb still shows in universal. I posted something on ReelSEO as well hoping that it might help.


08/21/2009 08:37 am

Hi Barry, thanks for posting this. I followed up on this with the team and generally the best way to have inappropriate videos like these removed is to report them on either Video Search (click the link with "Video results for ...", find the video and report it there) or if it's hosted on a Google property (Google Video or YouTube), you can also report it there. In this case it looks like the reviewers had a bit of a backlog, but they're generally processed fairly quickly. Cheers, John


10/14/2009 10:30 am

so wat?i like porn.


12/20/2009 05:31 am

porn is educating the mind on moral laxity.

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