Google AdSense "Hide These Ads" Feature?

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There is a WebmasterWorld thread asking why do some Google AdSense ads have a link near them that read "Hide These Ads." When you click on the link, the ads disappear and then a link changes to "Show Ads."

I took me a bit of time to track down sites that do this, but it wasn't that hard. A couple searches and I found many sites that do this. One example is, which has many AdSense ads on the site and they all show the link. Here is a screen shot of one of the ad units with that link:

"Hide These Ads" Google AdSense

When you click on the hide ads link, it then changes to this:

"Hide These Ads" Google AdSense

I am fairly confident that this is not a native Google AdSense feature, but rather something coded in by the site owners. Is it against Google's terms of service - I don't know. If it is, I don't think it should be. It is a nice feature that the site owners are offering to their readers, to hide the ads.

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Mihaela Lica

08/10/2009 12:46 pm

This is really interesting. Of course it cannot be a Google AdSense feature - why would they shoot themselves in the foot? On the other hand, what's the point of hiding ads by the site owners? Are they trying to make their sites more "user friendly" assuming that people are usually annoyed by such ads? Then why publish them in the first place?


08/10/2009 02:27 pm

yes, you are absolutley correct.. they are using some javascript for this.. a onclick="javascript:hideads()"Hide these ads/a

Jack Herrick

08/10/2009 05:39 pm

This is Jack the founder of wikiHow. Yes I can confirm that this is not a native Google Adsense feature. We (wikiHow) created this feature to improve our user experience. Some people just hate ads, and we wanted to give them the option of an ad free experience. It has worked well for our users and has not really hurt our site monetization. I'd encourage other sites to give it a try. More info here:

Barry Schwartz

08/10/2009 06:25 pm

Jack, thanks for this added info.

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