60% Of Our Readers Feel Yahoo Cannot Turn Things Around

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Yahoo Come Back, Not LikelyThe other day, I spilled my guts out about missing the old days of Yahoo. I honestly wish Yahoo was on their way to a full recovery and become a strong competitor to Google or even not compete with Google, but just become stronger then it was a year ago. But it doesn't seem to be happening and it is sad.

I decided to feel out our readers, and ask them if they feel Yahoo has a shot and making a come back? Here are the results:

Question: HowWill Yahoo Turn Things Around?

:: No said 45 respondents or 60% :: Yes said 25 respondents or 33% :: Other said 5 respondents or 7%

Most of the "other" answers were "I doubt it" type of responses. Yahoo, prove us wrong, please!

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Michael Martinez

07/14/2009 05:12 pm

I think Yahoo! CAN turn it around. I'm just not sure they want to. Maybe search will always be a secondary priority for them. What might work for Yahoo! is to do what Microsoft did -- launch a search-only brand. Having been in third place for over a year, Yahoo! search is looking pretty tattered. But the brand is by no means dead and out.


07/14/2009 06:57 pm

After working with Yahoo on some pretty obscure campaigns I do think their saving grace is going to be their demographic segmentation abilities. While this may not directly effect organic listings, it has give us the best and most effective demographic targeting for paid search. We love Yahoo! (Even though they only get <2% of our attention). Hope everyone is well!

No Name

07/14/2009 07:49 pm

The site saw record traffic during the recent Michael Jackson new cycle. That suggests that Yahoo still has some staying power.

Randy Zorn

07/14/2009 09:06 pm

Yahoo is great for casual browsers (like my future brother in law) who like to see the news when they log in. They offer much more than a simple search box. I see that as a competitive advantage over google (and even iGoogle.)


07/15/2009 04:28 pm

yahoo needs to leverage their international interests more and make them more accessible to advertisers. they're the bigger player in japan but advertising there is very restrictive. google is very easy to access in all markets and advertisers have more freedom to market products and services which are not allowed on yahoo or msn.

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