DMOZ (ODP): "Submit Once & Forget It" Says SEOs

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Earlier this month, we polled our audience asking how important is DMOZ to your SEO strategy? As expected, most SEOs take the philosophy of "submit it and forget it." Why? Simply because to many SEOs, it is not worth them wasting their time following up with DMOZ when many editors won't act on those follow ups.

Here are the full poll results:

Question: How Important is DMOZ (ODP)?

:: Submit Once & Forget It said 158 respondents or 63% :: Don't Bother Submitting said 49 respondents or 20% :: Submit & Follow Up said 40 respondents or 16% :: Other answer... said 2 respondents or 1%

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Bill Hartzer

07/14/2009 01:40 pm

I agree, I usually submit it and forget it. But I also manually review every link in the category. Many times there's a website or a domain name in that category that's either or available for registration or you can purchase it. Then you quickly have a DMOZ listing.


07/16/2009 09:02 am

I also usually submitted and forget it.

Rob Abdul

07/17/2009 06:47 am

FIRE, and forget!


07/22/2009 08:34 pm

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