Google Enhanced 404 Feature Gone?

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In August 2008, Google released what was called the enhanced 404 widget that allowed webmasters to easily create custom 404 pages. In fact, we still have a sample of this in action at advertize.html.

But for some reason, I think Google removed the feature from the Google Webmaster Tools section. As a Google Webmaster Help thread discusses, he can't find it in the Webmaster Tools section. I looked for several minutes and I also cannot find it anywhere.

Did Google move it and I can't find it? Did they drop the feature with the launch of the new design?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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07/08/2009 04:25 pm

The shortest path I found from Webmasters tools was: "Crawl errors" > Help with: "Broken links" > "Enhance 404 widget"

Barry Schwartz

07/08/2009 04:27 pm



07/09/2009 09:26 am

Had some trouble finding it, too, but managed in the end. Sryo was faster ;)

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