Google Scams Getting Worse

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In March, we reported about several Google scams. I was hoping that the issue would get better over time, but it just seems to be getting worse. The discussion forums are swarming with questions about these scams. Innocent people are believing they can work for Google and get paid, when in fact, they are not working for Google.

A Google Web Search Help thread points out that these Google scammers are not just using Google's name to make money, but they are also using Google's AdWords system to find more people to sign up. For example, here is an add I spotted for a random get job type of search:

google scams

As you can see, they are spelling Google's name slightly wrong. Many won't pick up on the typo. Why isn't Google more aggressive about stopping these people from showing ads on their ad system? It is one thing to get email spam about this stuff, but to place ads in Google AdWords?

There is a ton of discussion with more examples of these and other type of scam ads being shown through Google's AdWords, AdSense, Gmail, and so on at Google Web Search Help.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Kim Clink

06/29/2009 01:47 pm

The scams are totally out of control. I spend lots of time in the adwords help forum as 'MrsC' we see so many people visiting the forum wondering "when am I going to get paid" only to see they have been sucked into some scam. They *think* they are signing up for a Google related product because the website are using Google logos and the Google name. Bad enough that Google does not go after these scammers but to let them use adwords to promote their scam is very sad. Maybe Google is trying to earn and save enough money through adwords to pay for the legal department to go after these guys ;) I hope they do soon because I am getting tired of hearing about desperate people who just lost a job getting swindled out of their last few bucks.

York pimiento

07/21/2009 09:33 pm

I was scammed by theese people I paid $1.97 to download a 88 page manual on how to make money with Google. My Credit Card was Charged instantly and it was under the name "Internet Pros". They even send you a Official looking News Paper article with the name " Mary Steadman" stating that shes from your city that you live in, for instance im frome Statesville, NC and so is Mary Steadman. Yea right!. I called The phone number they advertise on there website (1866-955-0892) and spoke to a suppposively Crystal whom didnt want to give me her last name. iasked her what this was and she said this was just a call center and her corporate office didnt have a phone number. I hope noone gets suceked up in this scam anymore . The number there is 1866-955-0892. Crystal is a Scam artist herself. Beware! SCAM ARTISTS!!!!


11/14/2009 04:18 pm

Google FastBloger is a totalb ripoff scam.They steal money from your bank account

I found meh a scam too.

03/31/2011 06:39 pm

I hate these scams. But, why are people doing this? I spotted a few ads online too. But what was funny was, all the comments were positive, than I looked at the names on page one of the comments it said "James" Said " Rock On Guys your awesome I get paid a LOT Of money" Than "James" Did the same comment but on the next comment page and even on page 3. See, I knew it was a scam.


03/08/2012 07:54 am

Google Inc. Stamford New Road, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 1EP, London is running a new scam, promising 950,00 Sterling waiting to be picked up via a Skynetexpressworldwide Courrier shipment. A UK contact 00447011148554 is given and a Larry Page listed as Foreign Transfer Manager. Watch out, it all looks genuine but is just another ripoff scam.

mr kimberley leathwaite

09/18/2013 07:04 pm

i got an email from gmail saying i had won $500.000 and said i had to get in touch with dhl now they want $390 from me i woul like to get in touch with google but do not know how to do this please help

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