Earn More AdSense Money By Slowing Down Your Server

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A WebmasterWorld thread has many experienced publishers talking about a tip they never talked about before. The tip is about how slowing down your server, actually increases your AdSense CTR and leads to higher earnings.

WebmasterWorld moderator, incrediBILL, said that by accident he noticed that when his server is slow and bogged down by traffic, his AdSense CTR climbs. As soon as he posted it, Moderator martinibuster and Senior Member, youfoundjake both said he let the secret out.

They both confirmed that slowing down your server will make people impatient and encourage people to click on the ads, assuming they load faster then the rest of the page.

One member points out that "smart pricing" is linked directly to how fast your pages load. So in the long run, it might hurt your earnings. But I guess if you make it slow enough to not be considered slow by Google's standard but yet slow enough to make people want to click on ads, you win?

In the past, we heard reports that speeding up your server increases AdSense earnings by as much as 25%.

Who knows? Do you think faster or slower servers have an impact on earnings? Take our quick poll:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/20/2009 02:32 pm

Interesting to hear this. A while back when I had a blog post hit the home page of Digg, Google's AdSense couldn't keep up with all the traffic that Digg was sending. So I was actually seeing the opposite. Slower server because of too much traffic and Google's server was slowing down the page because they couldn't serve up the ads fast enough.


05/20/2009 03:58 pm

Rev might go up but peeps hitting the back button will rocket!

James Matthews

05/20/2009 04:42 pm

Google increased revenue by speeding up their up their site by .5 a second. I feel that people click faster on the site when it comes to them faster.


05/21/2009 06:47 am

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