Google Wonder Wheel & Search Options Go Live

May 13, 2009 • 8:55 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

The Google Wonder Wheel and search options we have seen being tested is now the real deal in Google announced it yesterday at the Searchology event, which Danny live blogged. In fact, Matt posted a nice recap of all the announcements at Search Engine Land. So I won't discuss each feature, but instead, I'll show the video Google released to demo it.

There is a lot of discussion around how this might impact the SEO world. Clearly, this gives searchers a way to refine results at a much rapper pace. So the number one ranking, is not always the number one ranking. SEOs had been preparing for this for a long time ever since universal search came to use in 2007. So this isn't that huge, but it is major change in how search is presented, although not as major as universal search.

Forum discussion at Sphinn, DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

05/13/2009 07:47 pm

This will undoubtedly inflate Google's reported search market share even more since Compete, comScore, Hitwise, and Nielsen still use the obsolete methodology of counting number of queries performed.

Olga Rubio

03/02/2010 03:40 pm

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12/17/2010 07:16 pm

Wonder wheel looks cool but Im not sure how it will help search and how I can use it for SEO. The Google keyword tool does a great job of listing keywords related to my queries. So does Google Insights. And I have yet to find any info on the Web on how it can be advantageous.

Clark Danielson

07/02/2011 07:45 pm

I'm desperate at this stage.   I've watched every video available on Google Wonder Wheel. Every video says to click "SHOW OPTIONS" tab after you've typed in your keyword.   When I do this there is "NO SHOW OPTIONS" tab on my screen.   I went into to my local computer repair shop (BEST BUY), and they didn't come up with this either.   They typed in "wonder wheel is missing", with no luck.       At this point i have to buy this tool if it;s not available online. please send me a link that will allow me to purchase Google Wonder Wheel" ASAP.  Thanks. Clark Danielson

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