Threatening Drop in Google Rankings?

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Let me start off by saying I find this hard to believe. A Google Maps Help thread has one individual claiming that a representative claimed that if you don't pay for your listing, your Google listing will drop down. is a popular UK local search engine.

The Yell representative reportedly said, "of next week, unless you pay for, your listing on Google maps will drop down below anyone listed with in your area."

Of course, this is not possible, Google would not let influence how Google Maps works and ranks listings. In early 2008, there were rumors that Google would buy Yell and in 2005 Yell even powered Google Local UK, but that is long over with.

A Google Maps representative made it crystal clear. Joel H from the Google Maps team said: doesn't control ranking in our search results.

Maybe the poster was confused or maybe the representative was confused or a bit crazed. I don't know for sure, but one thing I do know is that cannot do what this poster said.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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05/01/2009 02:46 pm

Typical Yell salesman behaviour, they'll say anything to get you to part with some extra money for your ad. They're desperate to hang onto customers as Google is taking away the need for paper directories. unfortunately some people will fall for it and pay up.


05/01/2009 06:58 pm

So you're writing that another thread had someone claiming that someone else claimed that they can improve ranking by buying a IYP product. I think it's safe to say we're far enough from the source that we have any clue of what actually was explained. As someone who has sold SEM products to small businesses for a number of years I can't even count the number of times my customers heard what they wanted to hear.

Simone Icough

05/05/2009 04:39 pm

I have heard this sales tactic before, they called me about ym Dad's website and said something very similar


07/23/2009 09:38 am

It's worth remembering that Google and Yell have entered a joint venture with regards to selling internet advertising, so maybe there's some truth to it?


08/17/2012 09:44 am

I have found yell to over ride or manipulate my google map settings. Thus when I optimize a website, add my site to google maps, at sitemap to webmaster tools etc...... everything is fine and I have good placement etc. Then my client tells me that they have paid advert in yell. Within a week the placement I have had with organic placement changes as does my google map placement under specific search terms. I strongly advise not to use Yell. And remember they do not allow you to cancel. My clicnt had paid them a for a year in advance, then requested to cancel after six months permitting them to keep the balance of the payment etc only to be told by yell that they are not permitted to have there advert remove. All a big con really. Yell is crap and damages optimized websites.

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