Yahoo Shuts Down History: GeoCities To Be Closed

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Shouldn't there be some laws about removing historic landmarks from the Internet? I mean, we have laws about physical historic landmarks in the U.S. but not on the Internet?

If you visit GeoCities, you will notice a message that reads:

Sorry, new GeoCities accounts are no longer available.

After careful consideration, we have decided to close GeoCities later this year. We'll share more details this summer. For now, please sign in or visit the help center for more information.

In short, Yahoo is shutting it down and current GeoCity customers have to find a new hosting solution. Yahoo is of course pushing their paid small business hosting service.

Clearly, Yahoo has to turn their business around but to close down history? Maybe Obama has something in his budget to take over the historic GeoCities? ;-)

Personally, I have never used GeoCities - but it was incredibly popular. Googler, JohnMu, Tweeted "Surprised at how many serious sites are hosted on GeoCities: get a domain name and move your stuff out NOW!" Now he would know the value of some of these GeoCities sites.

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Michael Martinez

04/24/2009 04:30 pm

There is a ton of valuable content on GeoCities but I would not be surprised to learn that a lot of it is orphaned.

Bill Kruse

04/25/2009 07:50 am

Wow. Tracking links to competitor sites, I've been surprised continually by the high quality of the content of many Geocities sites I've stumbled across. Be a dreadful shame to lose some of them. Sites are not necessarily bad because they're orphaned, authors could have written great content then died or whatever. That content may well be lost when Geocities shuts down. Perhaps we should also return to the early web practice of mirroring worthy Geocities content till we're convinced that the original authors are still with us. BB


04/26/2009 07:49 am

My first site was built via Geocities - I don't think they changed since :)


04/28/2009 01:43 pm

GeoCities is both a subhosting and a subbuilder. This is a monster that must not survive.

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