54% of SEOs Believe in Artificial Google PageRank

Apr 16, 2009 • 7:34 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

google-fake-pagerank.pngAbout a week ago, we wrote a piece about getting PageRank without links. In that write up, we wrote how Google may give pages temporary or artificial PageRank to make up for the page being new.

We decided to poll our readers, asking if they believed in such a concept or not.

54% of our readers, 83 of the 153 responses, said they believe that Google does give web pages artificial PageRank. 44% of our readers, 67 of the 153 responses, said they do not believe in an artificial PageRank concept.

Interesting break down. Personally, I do believe Google does give new pages a temporary or artificial PageRank value early on.

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.

This article was written earlier this week and scheduled to go live April 16th.

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Phill Midwinter

04/16/2009 03:32 pm

I think we should stop referring to 'PageRank', the algorithm as it originally stood has so little importance now as to be irrelevant.

Dan Thies

04/16/2009 06:32 pm

I'm a little confused about what this is even asking. Any page in the calculation is going to have at least a certain minimum PageRank value. That's not any more 'artificial' than the rest of the PageRank equation.

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