See Google "Classic" Sitelinks In Action (One Line Sitelinks)

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About a month ago, we reported Google was testing classic Sitelinks, i.e. one line Sitelinks. Well, now it seems like we can reproduce the single line Sitelinks.

A Google Webmasters Help thread shows how two different queries return different types of Sitelinks for the same site.

A search for cashforgold returns the standard Sitelinks:

Google Current Sitelinks

A search for cash4gold returns the classic Sitelinks:

Google Classic Sitelinks

Both are the same site, but showing only half the number of Sitelinks shown on the current Sitelinks format. Plus, the Sitelinks are shown on a single line, as opposed to four lines in two columns.

I wonder if Google will be going back to the classic user interface for Sitelinks?

Forum discussion at Google Webmasters Help.

Update: Dennis Dornon commented pointing to a blog post that shows for a search on internet marketing blog on Google returns classic Sitelinks with numbers. Here is a screen capture:

Sitelinks with Numbers

The thing is, Sitelinks are normally made up anchor text of the links and the numbers might just reflect that and nothing more.

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04/02/2009 01:25 pm

i noticed this today as well, seems google are not only rewarding number 1 with sitelinks

Dennis Dornon

04/02/2009 02:33 pm

Noticed this seemed widespread yesterday including multiple results with sitelinks Including a screen shot of sitelinks with a number in Parentheses next to them


04/02/2009 02:42 pm

I personally am not a fan of the inline links. If they are intending the links to be for the user to help them find what they are looking for on a website more quickly, then I think the inline links are a little more difficult to read. They seem to get mashed into the other tags that Google pulls and somewhat lost in the results. The current way that they call them out now seems to be more user friendly.

No Name

04/06/2009 04:27 pm

These are not sitelinks. At least not the standard ones. You see the same links only because your two searches are very similar. In general, sitelinks don't change based on the search term. But try a search for pop music and then for popculturemadness and you will see that these supplemental links are different from the standard sitelinks.

Barry Schwartz

04/06/2009 04:29 pm

Y-Guy, sitelinks do change based on search query. These are Sitelinks, the old fashion ones.


04/06/2009 05:25 pm

Can you show me an example where the same website shows different sets of sitelinks for two different queries?

Barry Schwartz

04/06/2009 05:28 pm

See what Google's Maile Ohye said at In search results, the sitelinks displayed are determined algorithmically based on the user's query. So, while Webmaster Tools may show 8 sitelinks for your verified site, it's possible that search results show only a subset (e.g. search results display 4 sitelinks). Furthermore, the sitelinks displayed in search results can vary according to the query (e.g. different combinations of sitelinks for different queries).

Local Search Marketer

04/15/2009 01:00 pm

We call these Baby Site Links

Rio Martin

04/27/2009 01:18 pm

ou also do not need to be number 1 to receive them. I cant identify what factors give you these though. You would think if it was relevance then number 1 will get them. Only theory i have is perhaps its content related. That website without this have superior links but the ones underneath have more related pages for that term and so have these put in. But then what would be the major factor to determine how these are relevant?

Rio Martin

04/27/2009 01:19 pm

the old school Google SERP GREAT

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