How Long Should It Take To Rank Well in Google?

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks how long does it take to rank well in Google? A good question, but typically, a new site might rank well in the short term and then drop off the radar until it begins ranking again. This is sometimes known as a temporary PageRank feature of some sort.

So let me poll our audience, you tell me how long you think it takes to rank well in Google?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/01/2009 02:38 pm

It really depends on the site, the niche and a lot of things. Sorry to say that but I think you are over simplifying.


04/01/2009 03:24 pm

I think that eltercerhombre is right; this is an oversimplification. We all would like to have our or our customers' sites immediately ranked, but if this happened maybe Google were not as good a search engine as it is. And if it weren't, the visitors we want to attract to our website would not use it. So we could rank no. 1 for our favourite keyword in seconds, but it would not do us much good. Good results need time to have the websites' value considered. Work does not end with the robot's task! Oh, wait. Is this an April Fools prank? :-)


04/01/2009 09:32 pm

I'm kind of surprised by the results of the poll so far. I would've thought the majority would be closer to 9 months to a year. I agree with the other comments here too. It's hard to define "ranks well." Is that only in Google? Is it for long tail keywords, or high traffic keywords, or both? Is the first page, or spots 1-3 defined as ranking well? A lot to consider...

James Matthews

04/02/2009 02:46 am

I agree with all above comments. It's all based on the site and the industry.

Scott Salwolke

04/02/2009 11:26 pm

I put 3-6 months, which is probably the average. There are so many factors involved, however, almost any answer could be right. The amount of competition, the age of a site, and the competition all influence success.


04/05/2009 02:56 pm

I know everyone makes more of ranking well in Google than really need be the case. Social Bookmarking, RSS Feeds, Article Marketing will in fact bring you to page one in Google within 2 weeks tops. The simplicity exists because of the use of the longtail keyword application. Google is really quite simple & logical. I just finished a case study and proved it works and does so at zero cost. It does of course take work on your part to achieve this. If you are a small business and want front page exposure sooner than later, I know from where I speak to work very well. It all begins with proper research of long tail keywords. Get that right & everything falls into place .. get it wrong & you are just wasting a great deal of time. It's not rocket science folks !!!

Paris Paraskeva

04/05/2009 08:55 pm

agree with above posters, not so simple answer to this question. my simple answer 1. site is new and competition is very low good rankings within the same month or even week 2. site is new and compettion is high might take 3-6 months for google to even show initial results! 3. site is very old and competiotion is low good rankings within the same month 4. site is very old and competition is high good rankings within the first 3 months

Jon Stevens

04/18/2009 12:05 pm

About 2 months.

Gus M.

11/21/2009 11:07 pm

I had a really rich keyword domain name that got up to #8 in yahoo in a couple of weeks, but now just fell of the radar.

No Name

11/27/2009 08:35 am

I think it can take 2-3 months for results to show up for most mid competition sites. I've tried with various sites by throwing up high PR links and with low PR links and in the end, it's all the same.


08/16/2011 07:10 am

My website is ranked on at 798.000 but i have  Google 1PR. Work that out!!!

Apple Fila

09/07/2011 06:05 pm

Here's one tip, if you want to rank them fast, get a domain name that is exactly same with searched keyphares. My website got ranked within a day. You need to pay your due diligence. Research and research baby. Hope this helps.

Mike Reese

03/29/2012 01:53 am

Get ranked by google may take longer time. It's can take 3-6 months to get PR1.

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