YouTube Insights Adds Stats On User Engagement


YouTube has added new statistics to YouTube Insights, the YouTube video analytics. I wrote about YouTube Insights when it first launched a year ago. Today, they added features to tell you how engaged your viewers are, i.e. do they like your videos?

YouTube added a new tab named "community" clicking on that tab brings up the "User Engagement" stats. It looks like this for my account:

YouTube Insights Engagement

You can also break the community stats down by "ratings":

YouTube Insights Ratings

Or by "comments":

YouTube Insights Comments

Or "favorites":

YouTube Insights Favorites

These are welcome features for me, being that I produce a weekly search video that you all subscribe to, right?

Forum discussion at YouTube Help.

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03/19/2009 06:27 pm

An excellent source of information and traffic. We have just started posting some videos on youtube - didn't actually know about this tool. a bit like Google analytics for your videos!

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