Google Delays Payments To Publishers Yet Another Month

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Since early January, AdSense publishers have been complaining that they have not received payment in multiple months. In fact, Google confirmed the issue and said they are "taking this issue seriously."

In early February, Google promised those delays will stop and these publishers would get paid at the end of the month, in February. Google said then, "to be noted the holds removed between January 15 and February 15 will be reflected in payments issued at the end of February."

At the end of February, Google seemed to be somewhat frantic in posting help threads to sort out the issues with payments. This should have been a warning sign to many of those publishers who have not seen a payment from Google in months that they may not see a check in the near future.

Yesterday, Google posted a thread at Google AdSense Help saying that many publishers were not paid at the end of February and promises, yet again, to pay publishers, but this time, it won't be until the end of March. Why the delay, yet again? Well, it seems like Google wasn't able to manually remove the "hold" flag on these accounts by the February 15th deadline. So because of that, publishers have to go without pay yet another month.

AdsensePro William said:

If you were one of the publishers who ended up with your AdSense account on hold for payments due to an AdSense bug, you were reassured that payments would be processed to be included at the end of February. Originally, the payments were to be included in the payments at the end of February. However, because Google had to remove these holds manually, it seems as though this wasn’t done until after the February 15th cut off time. So what does this mean for affected publishers? You have to wait another month to receive your payment due to Google’s bug, according to AdSensePro Jen.

Yes, so now Google’s bug means you have to wait until the end of March for those payments. Still no word on how many publishers are affected or if perhaps some of them made the February 15th cut off so they will get their payments at the end of February as the original post implied, but the new post by AdSensePro Jen seems to say that all affected publishers didn’t have their account’s fixed until after the payment cut off deadline.

All I have to say is that this looks really bad for Google. Some publishers may depend on this income to pay their rent and buy food. If you are one of these publishers, I would try to get on the phone with Google or send them an email to make sure everything is in order for the end of March payment.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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Nick Stamoulis

03/02/2009 04:29 pm

Is this is a sign that Google is starting to get sloppy? I wonder if this is a sign of things to come.


03/02/2009 05:26 pm

I agree, they are getting sloppy because ad revenue has fallen and are under loads of pressure to get it back up....

No Name

03/02/2009 08:19 pm

its very shocking .i just stunt to see this critical down slop of google.


03/03/2009 12:30 am

A company that is worth billions can not afford to fix a simple problem like this? I do not buy that one bit. Come on Google, you can do better than that.

No Name

03/03/2009 05:50 am

google will payoff today or tomorrow but it will pay....

No Name

03/04/2009 08:30 am

oh ... goooooooogle

No Name

03/04/2009 11:47 am

Think about the interests Google is earning on our moneys for its cofers.

No Name

03/04/2009 01:50 pm

This is a lie. They are seeing a loss of income. People are not paying as much for clicks and companies are downsizing their marketing efforts. Google is probably not paying until March so they can show that publisher income on their books for Q1 or something.

Ruben Zevallos Jr.

03/04/2009 04:16 pm

I think the big issue is the advertizers are not paying, so, they delaying their payments to Google.

Adam BRG

03/04/2009 04:27 pm

This pretty worrisome, a good portion of many sites revenue stream is from google adsense. I really doubt their suppliers would believe that they are behind in paying their bills becuase GOOGLE has not paid their bill!! This with announcement of brand based search results are just another kick in the nuts for the small business owner during a time when people are struggling to find money for food. This is completely unacceptable and should be getting for more media attention.

No Name

03/04/2009 06:09 pm

Not a good sign for them, advertisers are just cutting their advertising, it is a cause and effect.

No Name

03/04/2009 06:53 pm

I'm one of the affected ...they owe me thousands...what about the interest lost on this ..what a rip.


03/04/2009 11:55 pm

there's always small claims court if u r under a certain threshold, and then switch over to someone else. even if you are over the small claims amount, you can force them to pay, the judge will seize their bank accounts and take out payment for you if they are being a dead beat.

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