Bug: Google Sitemaps Shows 0 Index Count

Jan 26, 2009 • 6:09 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

If you are noticing that your index count in Google Webmaster Tools in your Sitemaps section shows zero pages are indexed, then don't panic. Google has confirmed in a Google Webmaster Help thread that there may be a bug impacting some reporting for Sitemaps files.

JohnMu of Google said:

It looks like the "0" count may be a bug at the moment, so I wouldn't worry about it for now. I looked at your Sitemap file and some of the URLs are indexed. Because of that, I imagine that this is just a case where what you want indexed just doesn't completely match what Google wants indexed at the moment :-).

This is not the first time Google had a reporting glitch with Sitemaps. A few months ago, we reported a similar issue. I cannot express how many times we have reported issues with the reports at Google Webmaster Tools. So, whenever you see something really out of the norm, I would strongly recommend you not panic and wait.

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Nuno Macedo

01/26/2009 12:07 pm

I also noticed very recently that as soon as you get several sitemaps (in case of very large sites) on to webmaster tools the number of pages indexed on google starts decreasing heavily. Any insights on this issue? Probably there is some association between sitemap on webmaster tools and robots stopping crawling your site?

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