Google's SVP Rosenberg Said AdSense Revenue Down Due To Arbitrage Cleanup

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In the Google earnings call, that we reported earlier, Google's Senior Vice President, Johnathan Rosenberg, said on the earnings call:

AdSense revenue was weaker, though AdSense for content was strong. When it comes to AdSense for Search, we did a lot of arbitrage cleanup in Q3 and Q4.

This quote comes from a WebmasterWorld thread, and discusses the significance of such a statement.

Made for AdSense sites (MFAs are banking on arbitrage and Google promised to shut them down in May 2007. But stronger action appeared this past May. It seems like it has impacted Google's earnings.

In Q4 2007 Google earned 1.31 billion with AdSense (and that network), but in Q4 2008 Google earned 1.29 billion. Even in the third quarter, Google earned 1.33 billion. So there did seem to be a downturn recently in that area.

Some are using this statement to reduce their estimated tax payments in 2009.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

01/23/2009 05:04 pm

They seemed to have cleaned up more than arbitragers.

Some Dude

02/12/2009 07:36 pm

Profit is down due to the market and the recession. Google needs to make nice for their investors. They are cleaning our wallets, but it sounds better if they pin it on arbitrage.

Claude Gelinas

08/20/2009 03:19 pm

Does anyone else think that the lower revenues for web publishers might be linked to the DoubleClick CPM-based ad service acquisition?

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