Google Confirms Not Paying Some AdSense Publishers

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There is an extremely large thread at Google AdSense Help group with publishers complaining that they have not received payment this month from Google.

Jennifer, a Google AdSense representative, confirmed that Google did not pay some publishers due to a bug of some sort. She said:

We've been monitoring this thread and I can confirm that we have an issue on our back end that is preventing some publishers from seeing payment holds on their accounts. We are working with the YouTube team to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we have been working to contact affected publishers individually. Thank you all for posting in the forum. The faster we can aggregate data on a possible bug, the faster we can fix it, and forum threads like this are hugely helpful in surfacing these issues.

We appreciate your patience, and I assure you that we hear you and are taking this issue seriously.

Jennifer makes it sound like this is just impacting YouTube partners, but I am not too sure about that.

Google is known to have made many mistakes paying publishers in the past.

Forum discussion at Google AdSense Help.

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10/28/2009 08:15 pm

It's not just the youtube adsense publishers, it's regular adsense publishers, ones that have had nothing wrong for years with Google are now complaining that their payments were placed on hold for no reason and many of them have yet to be released, just days after payments were issued to many publishers. It's their buggy payment software and it seemingly got worse after they forced everybody to sign up for "Google Accounts" or not get paid at all!

dddoc blogger

05/04/2012 12:14 pm

I’ve been blogging for years and made £9, but I always hated the adds so took them off my pages. This year I found I was getting some huge hits every month on some of my blogs. My got 1300 hits last month alone. I also have a freemasons blog that sees an average of 500 hit’s a month. So I decided to place the adds back on my pages and my earnings rose to $40. Though the other day my account was suspended and today my appeal was ignored. So on the say so of Google AdSense who claimed my blogs have had suspicious hits. They have in effect claimed I was responsible and without a trial or legal representation, they've just taken my earning on their FACIST say so….. Someone should be doing something about this. I know I have no chance of getting what I’m owed let alone being able to have the ads reinstated…. Plus why did Google not just delete the so called malicious click instead of blaming me! OR is this how they make their billons on the back of slave unpaid labour..... dirty rats

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