Google Starts Cutting Projects, Employees & Offices

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Seems like the economy is getting to everyone, including the all mighty and recession proof Google. In summary, Google has begun cutting out services they provide, they have cut 100 recruiters (i.e. less hiring) and they are closing offices, which might lead to 70 engineers losing their jobs.

Danny has a great article summing up the Google product and services slashes, which include Google dropping Google Video uploads, Google Catalog Search, Google Notebook, Jaiku and Dodgeball. Danny concludes, "neither products nor engineers seem to have a protected status, as Google goes into the grim economic times predicted for 2009."

On the job front, Google has laid off a 100 recruiters and is closing three offices; the ones in Austin, Texas; Trondheim, Norway; and Lulea, Sweden. That may lead to 70 engineers losing their jobs but Google promises to refill those positions, if those engineers cannot relocate to Google's headquarters. But clearly, dropping 100 internal recruiters will mean less hiring in 2009.

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01/15/2009 02:27 pm

"the all mighty and recession proof Google" Nothing is recession proof. Some industries may not suffer as bad (e.g. funeral homes), but they suffer. People need to stop thinking Google is above the rest of the world.

Barry Schwartz

01/15/2009 02:32 pm

I guess you didn't appreciate my sarcasm? ;-)

Matthew Lawson

01/15/2009 02:57 pm

I do believe that there will be an element of its a good excuse to make big changes without causing too much of a issue (blame the economic climate). My opinion is when you are in a recession bad companies look to drive sales, good companies look at efficiency! So good companies become great and bad companies disappear.

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