Google Webmaster Tools Missing Change Site Verification Method?

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A Google Webmaster Help thread reports that Google Webmaster Tools seems to be missing the feature to change the method you would like to verify you site with. Now, I personally don't remember what should or should not be on this screen, but reportedly, there should be a way to tell Google that you want to switch from the html file verification method to the meta tag verification method, or visa versa.

Here is a screen capture of what I currently see for one of my sites:

Google Webmaster Site Verification

A top contributor at the group said, "There was an option there in Manage Site Verification not too long ago. Now it is not there. There must have been a page code update and a new one is pending?" So, I suspect he is right.

Hopefully the feature will come back shortly.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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01/15/2009 09:57 am

Hi, I checked this option in with languaje=spanish and this options are it´s still here... maybe this is just an Englih version issue.


01/19/2009 03:04 pm

Hi there, got the very same problem. I suppose due to a 301-redirection the meta-verifications is not working properly anymore (as tested with the "preferred domain"-option, which doesn't work). Unfortunately there's no option to change over to the html-verification (which works perfectly with other domains to this server), very strange. @diegodjm: Could you describe how you aquired the showing of the option? Already set the language of the form to spanisch but it no difference to english or german. Perhaps the website has to be set to spanish?


01/19/2009 03:23 pm

Possible Workaround here: Look at the second part of the answer of Susan Moskwa: "b) Navigate to the Overview page for your site. In the URL you should see .../webmasters/tools/summary?siteUrl= Change /summary to /verify and you'll end up on the verification page where you can select a different verification method." This worked alright for me. So the option is still there, just not accessible from the menu...


05/24/2009 07:44 pm

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