Google Clicking On Your Ads? Don't Worry - It's Free

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Advertisers sometimes fret about each and every click they get on their search ads. Some clicks cost a few pennies, while others can go well over $10 or more per click. In these recessionary times, each click really matters. It shows, I have been seeing more threads about how is each click calculated more often now, then ever.

For example, one advertiser was worried that Google or their bots were clicking on his/her ads. He/She was worried that those clicks would deplete the budget and cost them more money to advertise.

To calm the anxiety, AdWordsPro replied to the AdWords Help thread and said:

To set your mind, you will not be charged for any click that comes from a Google IP address. This includes clicks from Google employees who manually review ads and site, etc.

Now, what about all those Googlers who work from home? I guess they are in the VPN.

Forum discussion at AdWords Help.

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Ruud Kok

01/13/2009 01:56 pm

Even without VPN Google will probably be able to discount clicks based on the active Google account.


01/14/2009 03:27 am

how can u tell if a computer or something is clicking to make a profit?

No Name

01/16/2009 04:21 am

I believe that Google is honest on this. I believe that it's the necessity they feel for them to protect their billion dollar business.

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