Google Confirms PageRank Update (New Years 2009)

Dec 31, 2008 • 7:58 am | comments (13) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

Over Christmas and the holidays, we reported early signs of a Toolbar PageRank Update. Those reports have now been confirmed by Google's Matt Cutts via Twitter. Matt said about 6 hours ago:

Yes, Google updated our toolbar PageRank values today. Consider this the confirmation.

You can then see other Googler's like JohnMu, "liking this" on Matt's FriendFeed page.

Of course, we have a whole new slew of PageRank update threads and posts now. They include:

The folks over at the brand new Google Webmaster Help section are happy to see their new forum reach a PageRank of 7, in a matter of just weeks.

So there you have it, as expected, the Toolbar PageRank update has been confirmed.

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Rajendra kumar

01/01/2009 06:19 am

Happy new years

Arnie K

01/01/2009 04:31 pm

Thanks for the confirmation, we've been seeing it for the past several days too.


01/02/2009 08:40 am

Yes, The big G has done it again. Happy New Year!!!!


01/02/2009 02:30 pm

Many say that Google PR is irrelevant, but I for one am here to say that the psychological bump of we just got from and increase in PR is sweet. Makes a guy want to get that darned web site better and better for the next PR review.


01/03/2009 01:07 am

Hi, It's getting hard to pass over PR3 here :-) Happy New Year 2009, José


01/03/2009 12:01 pm

For those that think that GPR is irrelevant - have a look at this - we have gone from a PR1 to PR3 and our (organic google) visitors have gone from around 100 per day, to around 3/400 per day now! Obviously this is also translating in terms of registrations and of course sales ;)

No Name

01/09/2009 06:43 am

This is a good news for most of website which employ SEO for their website and for me too. Bcoz my website has revieved one more PageRank i.e. 3 --> 4 :)


01/10/2009 02:03 pm

It kicked my PR back to 0..wonder why..haven't subscribed to any link farms. What a bad start!

No Name

01/12/2009 08:42 am

I am listening from so many SEO's whose websites have been dropped on Google this month. All those sites had one thing in common, the keywords stuffed pages. I wonder how Google can delist whole website for some pages.

No Name

01/26/2009 04:28 pm

Yeah, and also i read another post that the PR algorithm of this year is very much complicated. Wonder what are the new changes been made


02/18/2009 03:31 am

Is there an offical database anywhere that tells the upcoming updates, or how do people know? Just keeping up with their PR boosts and drops?

No Name

07/09/2009 06:06 pm

Can you tell me that when the next update will take place??


10/07/2009 02:38 am

I read another post that the PR algorithm of this year is very much complicated.This is not a good news

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