Google Search Not Working For Some On Mobile Safari (iPhone)

Dec 22, 2008 • 8:12 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google recently optimized for the hundredth time, the Google Search experience on the iPhone and also Android. But it seems like ever since the upgrade, many iPhone and iPod Touch users are having issues searching at Google on mobile Safari.

A Google Mobile Help discussion thread has bug reports from several iPhone/iPod Touch users complaining they can no longer conduct searches in Safari on Google.

Rebooting the devices did not help.. Supposedly, some users have noticed a JavaScript bug on line 21. The error is "TypeError: undefined value".

I tried this on my iPhone and it worked fine for me. So hopefully it is now fixed.

Forum discussion at Google Mobile Help.

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Tales of Symphonia

05/31/2011 03:39 am

Help! Every time I try to type something in on the Google search bar on my iPhone, it keeps trying and trying AND TRYING to search, but it doesn't. I just synched my iPhone today. Could this be the problem?

Nathan Rigney

09/17/2011 12:14 am

Mines broken.


11/05/2011 04:48 pm

It is not fixed. You can search using the Google mobile app but the results hyperlink does not go anywhere. You have to open in safari first and then the hyperlinks works.

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