Christmas & Holiday 2008 Google PageRank Update?

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Over the weekend, I have noticed several threads mentioning updates to Google's Toolbar PageRank scores. The reports are not as widespread as a typical Toolbar PageRank update warrants, which leads me to ask, is this a true Toolbar PageRank update or did Google conduct a Toolbar PageRank penalty for sites not playing nice with their terms of service?

Necessary Disclaimer: Google Toolbar PageRank is a visual indicator that has no direct impact on ranking well at Google. The Toolbar PageRank is often months outdated and can be very confusing to new SEOs on how it matters. So just be warned.

We have threads at WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums and Google Webmaster Help all discussing updates to Toolbar PageRank.

Our last coverage of such an update was in the first week of October, which was a possible rollback of the Google Rosh Hashanah 5769 PageRank Update. Since then, it has been pretty quiet on the Toolbar PageRank front.

Last week, Google did update the link reports in Google Webmaster Tools.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums and Google Webmaster Help.

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No Name

12/22/2008 01:30 pm

In my opinion, the next PR update will be on December 26.


12/22/2008 01:56 pm

I've noticed this too, one of my sites went PR6 on Friday and is now back down to PR3 - rather strange behaviour


12/23/2008 03:11 pm

I was experiencing the same. Sadly I lost PR of one of my sites yesterday...


12/23/2008 04:03 pm

The whole cyber world has been freaking out over these strange events and from the anxiety of the next PR update. Google please don't tease us and let us know soon!


12/24/2008 07:29 pm

Hi All, Yo need to wait until December 26, 2008 when final update happens. Till then, All the best !!!!!!


12/26/2008 08:21 am

It's the December 26, 2008 and nothing yet


12/26/2008 02:33 pm

yep, nothin' happened.. it's now already dec 26 .. i hope google will update the pagerank soon.. :D

No Name

12/27/2008 08:54 am

Last year, the update was in early Jan. Google may follow suit this year. My blog's PR dropped to 0 after I changed the template. Is this weird or what?


12/27/2008 11:42 am

May be due to X-Mas new year holidays in US Google may not work and will update the PR in the first week of Jan-09. Most of the US based Companies are off these days.


12/29/2008 03:21 am

I've been hearing a lot about updates within the past 24 hours but haven't noticed anything on my blog network, or with any of my clients.


12/29/2008 07:38 am

@ No name I think you are right. They all might be out enjoying X-Mas and will be back in Jan'09 to update toolbar pagerank.

No Name

12/31/2008 03:02 am

Is updating right now. :D I have 7 sites that individual web page toolbar PR values are all going up and down as I speak here right now. ;)

No Name

12/31/2008 06:55 am

Google Page Rank Update on New Year Noticed by Search Engine Journal. my Blog ( It was 1 Page Rank, Now It is 2. check your page rank celebration with new year. It's Increased or Down??


12/31/2008 01:25 pm

My PR dropped 1 on both of my sites, but the traffic is going crazy. Way more than I usually get. Strange!

No Name

12/31/2008 05:09 pm

I think Google just played its card by updating PR for various new websites and other older sites. Check out the variations for clarification.

No Name

01/03/2009 03:36 pm

My site is always getting great traffic and increasing every day and I have NO links that are paid and yet my rank still goes down....GOOGLE SUCKS!!!!

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