Google Webmaster Tools Showing 0 Pages Indexed For Sitemaps Users

Oct 23, 2008 • 7:57 am | comments (21) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

If you login to your Google Webmaster Tools account and notice that Google is reporting that they have indexed 0 of your submitted pages through Sitemaps, then don't worry - you are not alone.

A WebmasterWorld and Google Groups thread has several webmasters who have noticed the same issue. I suspect it is either already fixed or that it is impacting a select number of accounts. I personally do not see the issue when I check some of my sites.

Clicking on your Sitemaps section might show something like this now:

Sitemap stats
Total URLs: 171
Indexed URLs: 0

Total URLs would be the number of URLs submitted to Google via Sitemaps. So yours may be larger or smaller.

Is this still an issue for you?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google Groups.

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Jonathan Goodman

10/23/2008 06:46 pm

Oh thank goodness. I thought I was going crazy. Absolute zero sitemap.


10/24/2008 04:17 pm

I am seeing the same thing for over a dozen sites. Hopefully it is corrected soon!


12/16/2009 11:45 am

I have the same. For a specific sitemap, Google lists 68 indexed urls. But when I search google with, I get >200 results from URLs that are all in the sitemap.


01/26/2010 04:50 am

I am seeing the same thing .. I thought I am doing something wrong .. thanks :)


04/27/2010 04:28 pm

Glad to know I'm not alone, I guess the big G is busy doing some major updates again.


04/27/2010 06:28 pm

Yes, I noticed the same today (april 27th) - but when I do a keyword search, the site is still indexed (normal place). This is so weird. Glad I'm not alone and hopefully this won't last long.

No Name

04/28/2010 05:01 am

Suddenly finding 0 url indexing on webmaster. Hope this coming as an error form google's side. If anybody knows the real answer plz. share with us.


04/28/2010 06:30 am

Same problem, anybody know what it means, if anything?


04/28/2010 08:04 am

Is anyone finding their page rankings have suddenly gone right down as well ??


04/28/2010 02:18 pm

Yes same problem with my sitemap too . Is there anyone who has met same situation before ?


04/28/2010 02:19 pm

yes same here , Is there someone who has same situation before ?


04/28/2010 02:54 pm

We have over 130 sites in google webmaster tools with number of pages ranging from 100 to 10,000 and I just checked 15 sites randomly, every single one I checked shows 0 indexed urls as of April 28th, 2010. Google is probably doing some major update again. Everybody just relax - give it a couple of days!


04/28/2010 04:52 pm

hey, my site has 0 indexed urls too, i hcked today, i should have 70 indexed, and my rankings are the same for keywords like florianopolis real estate, florianopolis homes, florianopolis houses for sale... so, well, i think this won't last long..


06/22/2010 12:52 pm

I just noticed that all our websites have this problem. Zero indexed. And it seems to be impacting the rankings of pages other than the home page? For ages I have searched for random text appearing only on some deep pages, and they go missing from the index, or are simply not found. Is google now favouring a cache of sites like wikipedia news twitter et al or 'whitelist' /sandbox sites for certain queries?


08/16/2010 12:34 pm

I have also had 0 pages indexed out of 36 for months now. I figured that I am doing something wrong but many of my pages are pr1 and showing up on the first page of search results. But its been like this for months and in fact most of the information of my webmasters account seems to be wrong were as my analytics account seems to be just fine. Anybody have any useful info about what is going on or if it will be fixed soon?

Nika Gviniashvili

12/14/2011 11:11 am

Same problem, anybody know what it means, if anything? 

Sagar Kumar

06/04/2013 04:48 pm

for my website, , index status under Health tab shows zero, however, sitemap is shows 94 indexed.. worst is when I search it should 21 results.


06/14/2013 09:46 am

In mine, happens the same. 45 submitted and 0 indexed. No answer from Gooogle.

Ankit Singh

09/17/2013 11:14 am

In my case it is not even updating my blog's thumbnail in webmaster tool..


10/25/2013 05:55 pm

The same as for mine ,25 sent, just 1 indexed

Sarah Buckingham

05/09/2014 03:02 am

My site is having exactly the same problem

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