How Much Traffic Does Yahoo Send You?

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks how much traffic Yahoo sends to your site. So I thought it would be fun to poll our audience. I assume many of you use Google Analytics, so login to and click on "Traffic Sources," and then "Search Engines." Then below the chart, but above the graph, it says, "Views", click on the circle or pie chat image. Then it will show you, by search engine, how much traffic each engine sent your way for the past month.

This site received 5.81% of our search traffic from Yahoo. Google sent a whopping 87.19% to us. How about you? Here is our search traffic from Google Analytics:

Yahoo Search Traffic

Please share your stats at this poll and/or do a blog post sharing the chart above:

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Mike Farley

10/22/2008 03:53 pm

My web design firm sees a little over 6% from organic Yahoo referrals. However one of my clients who sees an average of 1500 uniques a day sees even fewer referrals (4.6%) from Yahoo. Google is first with 71% and in a surprising second place with 19%. MSN & Live combine for less than .25% which I must say is a bit surprising.

Michael Martinez

10/22/2008 04:56 pm

My non-SEO sites receive larger percentages of traffic from Yahoo! than the SEO sites I operate. As I have pointed at many times through the years, each search engine has its own core audience, with unique interests, and most SEOs don't actually bother to optimize for Ask, Live, or Yahoo! so they set themselves up for low referral rates from those traffic sources.


10/22/2008 06:45 pm

Yahoo is currently number 4 behind Google, MSN and Live with a 2.8%. Google alone is 82%. Frankly I will not jeopardize my good rankings and solid quality traffic from Google. Yahoo currently indexes only my home page. I submitted site maps, wrote letters asking why, what could I do to improve and I always get some canned reply linking to their extremely general guidelines... good design and quality content... very frustrating and I already spent too much time trying to please Yahoo while MSN and Live simply outranked them with zero effort from my part... So I guess the next to pass Yahoo in my reports will be AOL.


10/23/2008 07:07 am

The numbers from Google Analytics should be cross checked with the raw logs. This would give a more accurate picture. Esp with referrers as well. e.g. My logs show click from twitter but no capture in the Google Analytics tool.


10/24/2008 11:41 am

I find that on my older websites, Google sends the most traffic, yet on my newer websites it is Yahoo that is bringing me all the traffic.

No Name

10/30/2008 09:09 am

My top 3 for past month: - Google 87.12% - Yahoo 9.20% - AOL and search joint 0.92%

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