Google's Webmaster Tools Verification Code

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Ever wonder how Google generates the unique verification code used for authorizing access to Google Webmaster Tools? There are two ways to verify your site in Webmaster Tools. One way is by adding a meta tag code to your header file and the other way is to upload a unique HTML file.

Ever wonder how Google generates that code?

Well, a Google Groups thread discusses some hints on how it is made. Googler, Susan Moskwa, said the file is unique based on two factors:

  1. The web site URL
  2. The email address used to register on webmaster tools

So, if you change the email address you used to verify your site in Webmaster Tools, you will need to reupload a new verification file, because the code will be different.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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matthew kenneth james elvey

12/16/2008 06:33 am

how can i get it if i cant get on google for it?


08/20/2009 06:10 am

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No Name

09/21/2009 01:41 am

I will like to register my website


12/31/2009 09:16 am

I want google site verification code


01/21/2010 09:19 pm

I can't find my webmaster tool code.

No Name

07/26/2010 04:05 pm

thanks for sharing the information on how to place the code. very useful.


12/15/2010 07:00 am

i can't use website told..................

John Methew

05/14/2012 04:41 am

i lost my verification key.. how do i find it from webmster.,


02/25/2013 02:54 pm

i want a google site verification code

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