Google Mocks Link Exchange Offer

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You and I see it all the time, webmasters or link builders emailing link exchange offers or posting comments or threads with link exchange offers. But a link builder had the audacity, to post a public link exchange offer in not just a Google Group but in the the official "Google Webmaster Help" group, for all Googler's to see.

What is kind of funny, is that a Google responded, mocking the offer. Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, Evan, said:

Our homepage has a fairly high PR and is based in the US, but sadly we do not have any travel-related pages one link away. If you want, you can submit a business proposal to Google here:

When you have the chance, you should read up about link schemes in our webmaster guidelines:

Cheerios and Fiber One, Evan

I find that to be funny, maybe because it is really early and I am really tired.

Forum discussion at Google Group.

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No Name

08/18/2008 03:41 pm

Might I suggest, in place of "nerve", a more luscious-sounding word, "audacity"? As in "But a link builder had the AUDACITY to post a public link exchange offer..."

Barry Schwartz

08/18/2008 03:47 pm

That is fine, just tired when I wrote it.


08/18/2008 10:33 pm

There is more to this - !! Surprise.. Surprise! :D


08/19/2008 03:28 pm

I think the quintessential word in this situation is <a href="" rel="nofollow">Chutzpah</a>.

No Name

08/19/2008 04:39 pm

That is hilarious. That is a monumental mistake, I guess they just wanted to call attention to their devious ways.


08/19/2008 06:04 pm

That is fine!

Karen Linden

08/19/2008 08:27 pm

you all are paranoid and misinformed. the response in the google group is not from a google employee. google has repeatedly stated there is nothing wrong with link exchange as long as you don't abuse it.

Barry Schwartz

08/19/2008 08:31 pm

Karen, the response is from a Google employee.

Karen Linden

08/19/2008 11:05 pm

not that I could tell.. didnt see any evidence that the response was from an official google response. in any event, it doesn't matter. G isnt going to come out and endorse any marketing method or it will be abused. link exchange is alive and well especially among niche and hobby sites - all which rank just fine.

Barry Schwartz

08/19/2008 11:06 pm

Do you see the "G" logo by Evan's name. That is official confirmation.

No Name

08/21/2008 07:56 am

Wow..just wow...I bet that made everyone at the office chuckle :)


07/26/2010 07:29 pm

it is what it is

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