Google AdSense Forcing Publishers To Update Login Account Now

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We have been telling you this will be coming for a while now. It now appears that many Google AdSense publishers are being forced to update their login information from their current username and password to a Google Account.

A WebmasterWorld thread reports that Google seems to have removed the "skip as of now" option, when logging into Google Adsense. By removing that option, publishers are being forced to switch over to a Google Account.

Here is the first report:

for the last 3 or 4 months ( i don't remember correctly ) i am seeing the "login update screen" and i clicked the "skip as of now" button and viewed the earnings etc., but to-day morning there is no "skip now" button and there is no other way other than updating my login with a google account. i selected the same old email id and password. and i activated the update through the email from google.

AdSense publishers are calling this a "nightmare." One explained, "Nightmare, indeed. I created a new google account and replaced my old login credential. It's annoying because everytime I login to adsense my gmail logs out."

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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