Long Title Tags Improve Google Search Rankings?

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A WebmasterWorld thread has discussion around the topic of title tags. Now this title tag discussion is not a typical boring thread. In this thread, some webmasters and SEOs have been observing that longer title tags are returning higher rankings in Google, when compared to their counterparts.

The example given by the thread creator, is a generic one. Search for Ie: [blue used widgets] will more likely return a number one result with a title tag that looks like "blue used widget bla bla widget," while a number five result might be "blue used widget."

Of course, there are more factors, many more factors, that come into play in which page ranks better for a search term, then just a title tag. But there is some good discussion around this thread.

Senior member, CainIV, said:

I would agree. I am finding that prominence in the title, as well as a combination of semantics is playing a big role now. Longer titles with closely related themed works are working very well.

Do you think longer titles make an impact?

Forum discussion WebmasterWorld.

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08/11/2008 03:48 pm

Read the discussion thread. Very interesting. Would be nice to see something offical though. I'll be re-evaluating my title tags, that's for sure.

No Name

08/15/2008 02:54 am

For Search Engine Optimization results, the number of characters recommended for a title tag is 80.

No Name

08/17/2008 02:47 pm

Even though long title improves google search rankings, sometimes the certain keywords terminated at the end when they exceeds the length (recommended by Google) which lowers rankings.


02/17/2009 09:51 pm

can you see my title of pages and tell me is it ok or i change it thanks

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