Google News Tests One Column Of News Look

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A Google Groups thread reports some users noticing that Google News is testing a new look. The look is showing news formatted in a one column view, as opposed to two columns.

One Google News user said:

All of a sudden, the screen appearance of my Google page changed from 2 subjects across to one. This appears to be only on one computer. I can't figure out what theheck happened or how to fix it.

Abe from Google said this is a controlled test. "We're currently conducting a few small experiments," Google said. Google did give us the heads up on these possible tests about a month or so ago. Abe added that you should give your two cents on the new look by filling out the survey on the home page.

Personally, I do not see the new design, so I cannot comment. If you see it, do send us a screen capture.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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08/20/2008 12:42 pm

I am a victim of this "experimental" format. Essentially, it is a left column of news and a right column of photos relating to the left-column stories. The format requires more scrolling to read less news, and adds nothing of substance. Pure Fluff. The survey on the home page is a dead link, at least so far. There is no explanation of this change on the home page: it just appears, leaving the user mystified as to what is wrong with his settings. Google states that the victims of this "experiment" are chosen randomly; there is NO way to opt out of this "experiment". It seems that Google is taking a page from the Microsoft and IPhone playbooks, and inflicting aggressively user-Unfriendly formats and techniques on its (previously) loyal users.


11/09/2008 06:37 am

FYI: I was able to get back to the old two-column style by deleting all my google cookies.

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