Yahoo To Discontinue Ambassador Program As Of September 30, 2008


Yahoo! Search Marketing AmbassadorIn May, we reported that Yahoo stopped enabling signs ups and enrollments for the Yahoo Ambassador Program. The Ambassador program is basically a higher level of support for the Yahoo Search Marketing product and service.

Today, I noticed a WebmasterWorld thread that reports Yahoo is fully dropping the Ambassador program, even for those already enrolled. The program is reportedly closing down on September 30th.

WebmasterWorld senior member, Philosopher received the email notification from Yahoo. He said,:

I just received an email stating that the entire Ambassador program will be terminated as of September 30th.

I wonder what the bigger meaning of this is.

Current Ambassadors will be able to continue displaying the Ambassador logo, but that's pretty much it.

So why can Ambassadors continue to display their Ambassador logo if there is no such program anymore? Now that I don't understand. In fact, you can still see some ambassador confirmation pages working, I guess this means they will continue to work after September 30th. The Ambassador FAQs are still live, but the main page is redirects elsewhere.

In any event, we all know Yahoo is struggling to compete with AdWords. Maybe this is just another step in the direction of outsourcing paid search to Google?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: PPC Hero has text of the email available:

The Yahoo! Ambassador program was specifically developed to help marketers drive sales leads to their clients. For the last four years, Yahoo! has made an effort to enhance the program to provide the greatest added value to our users. After a thorough evaluation of the program, we have decided to discontinue the program. The Ambassador Program, except for the limited use of the Ambassador Logo as noted below, shall be terminated as of September 30, 2008.

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07/24/2008 02:00 pm

The Ambassador program was a mess anyway. However, the should have recognized that a long time ago and fixed it rather than discontinue it. Even if they are realizing their faults now four years later it'd still be better to fix the problem. As noted in the post, it was really just an affiliate program anyway. I was extremely disappointed after taking the test and learning that the main benefit was that I could sign up new clients and make a commission or bonus. I didn't care about making affiliate earnings, I wanted a higher level of support (which never came).

Dave Davis

07/24/2008 02:15 pm

I for one am glad of this. Yahoo Search Marketing is a complete shambles now. Since the introduction of non fixed minimum bids (and no apparent reason why they increase bids), that was the last straw. The Ambassador program was a US program only. We had clients ask us why we were not qualified and after a survey they said they thought we did not "do yahoo". God only knows how many potential customers we lost because we "didn't know how YSM worked". I say good riddance.

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