Google AdSense Ads Disappearing

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There are two WebmasterWorld threads and some Google Groups threads reporting that some AdSense ads sporadically are disappearing.

Several publishers are reporting that a new ad they placed on a particular page received impressions and clicks on day one and then on day two, the ad received no impressions and when the publisher checked out the page, he/she was shocked to see the ad missing. Here is one publisher's story:

Adsense were being displayed on it and I got around 35 clicks. Now today Adsense is not displaying ads on this page

Here is another post from a senior member:

There have been a couple of threads lately where someone mentioned ads were not appearing on their site(s). Just a blank space was there - no PSA's, nothing.

I've noticed it myself a couple of times and on pages that have had good targeted ads for years. One minute the ads aren't there - return to the page a few minutes later and they're back.

Over the course of a few days, a bunch of these types of threads have been popping up. I'm going to place a new ad below this line and you guys let me know if you see it or not:

I guess keep checking back over the course of the next few hours and let me know. It does seem very out of the ordinary for an AdSense ad not to render. Maybe Google is having ad server issues or maybe it is something else?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google Groups.

Confirmed: The ads are disappearing, even my test ad above. Here is a screen shot, I even tried refreshing 5 times, very rarely does the ad show up:

Google AdSense Ad Missing

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Michael VanDeMar

05/30/2008 01:48 pm

Barry, you might want to toss up a privacy statement real quick on SER if you are going to have AdSense on here, even if you are doing so just for testing. Btw, I see the ad where I am, and on other sites I checked. If it is a connectivity issue with the ad server on Google's end, it may be regional and only affecting certain areas of the country. Still sucks though, and could definitely affect peoples earnings, depending on how widespread it is.


05/30/2008 04:12 pm

I've have a somewhat similar problem. I'm showing no new impressions for six days on my adsense reports for five different sites. All that show up on the sites themselves are public service ads. Weird!

Kher Cheng Guan

07/10/2008 05:43 pm

For a few days now, my Google Adsense ads in one of my blogs have suddenly vanished. It only happened to one particular blog.


01/04/2009 06:29 am

Here lately my Google Ads have been vanishing randomly as well. My site which usually gets around 1,000 Unique Visitors a day has only been showing around 150 Impressions. I checked the site out and noticed that the ads are only showing randomly. Thing is, my site is built to show the Picture version of adsense, and without them It's all words and very blah looking.


01/22/2013 03:49 pm

even i have the same prob. my ads keep coming and disappearing every now and then, im so much confused what to do, any help ..plz

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