Would You Buy a Link With a NoFollow Attribute?

May 27, 2008 • 5:55 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks members if they would consider buying a link that has a nofollow attribute appended to it. For those who don't know what the nofollow attribute is a snippet of code added to the html of the link, so a search engine can easily detect if they should follow the link (in terms of link popularity and even actually following the link physically). It looks something like this:

<a href="http://www.site.com/page.html" rel="nofollow">Visit My Page</a>

In any event, the thread asks if you would buy such a link. I know people do, cause some of my advertisers buy them from me. But would you buy such a link? I know it depends, depends on if the link is on a high trafficked site, or in a prime location, and so on. But let's pretend the link is on a site like this or a site like Search Engine Land, would you buy a link from those types of sites, if it was nofollowed?

Here is the poll (try not to use the "other" option):

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Stephen Pitts

05/27/2008 11:29 am

Of course... that is the purpose of a paid link, isn't it? The traffic that the link produces, not some additional value that the search engines pass like PageRank and the like.


05/27/2008 12:56 pm

Yes, if the link drives traffic to my site. Depending on the industry, a link on a major authority site, can really help bring lots of traffic your site, which is the main reason why you work so hard for SEO in the first place. Traffic is traffic, right?

Igor The Troll

05/27/2008 01:48 pm

I do not have to buy, I just got one for Free! Thank you Barry! lol

Nick Wilsdon

05/27/2008 01:49 pm

Absolutely, if I was buying the link for traffic not ranking. For example, at the end of a paragraph discussing products my client is selling.


05/27/2008 02:33 pm

I did a similar poll back in October. http://www.seo-scoop.com/2007/10/24/link-buying-poll/ Will be interesting to see if interest has changed since then.

Jim Kukral

05/27/2008 08:17 pm

Why buy a link? Just tip someone and get a nofollow link in return, easy. :) www.scratchback.com


05/27/2008 09:59 pm

I would buy a nofollowed link for traffic of course. It is nice if it passes PR and linking juice for the anchor text of course. But I won't ever say that I would never buy a nofollowed link, thats stupid!

No Name

05/28/2008 04:38 pm

Of course I would buy it if it was from this site!

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